Wow! The combination of leadership expertise, design thinking and behavioral economics gives Compass the ability to drive ongoing personal leadership development across entire organizations. The next generation of leadership development tools has truly arrived with Compass. Professor Annette Flippen, Ph.D., NYU GSAS, MA I/O Psychology

Simple for HR and IT. Zero Effort for Users.

Compass is a revolution in simplicity with nothing to install. It is purposefully designed lean and email-based to cut through the complexity and costs typical solutions entail. Being deployed in the primary mode of daily employee communication – email – and using nudges and in-depth coaching, Compass is the most natural growth tool your teams and leaders will ever use.

Leadership Assessment

The Compass Leadership Assessment lets team members easily and quickly give leaders anonymous real-time feedback on precisely what behaviors work and don’t work.

Intuitive, Personal, Meaningful Reports

What really drives your people’s daily work behaviors is hard to measure. Compass solves that problem. Assessment results are provided in easy to understand reports, with customized guidance for each leader. Real-time, reliable reporting enables each leader in your organization to monitor and get more engaged in their own progress, anytime, anywhere.

Develop All Leaders at All Levels

Your company needs your managers performing at their best. The research is clear: when managers fail, top-performing people leave. But when leadership thrives, people – and the business – thrive too. Exceptional leaders are constantly self-aware, know what makes their people tick, and regularly work on getting better. Compass makes it simple to achieve all of those qualities at every level with an easy, fast and personalized approach that helps all leaders flourish.

Personalized Coaching for All with Quick Impact

Compass methodically sharpens leadership by first identifying the skills your leaders need to improve (as based on the needs of their unique teams), and then navigating them through 8 weeks of personalized e-mail coaching. By leveraging the Adult Learning Theory and groundbreaking behavioral economics tactics, personal coaching from Compass helps your leaders reliably become the very best they can be, in ways that actually work for them. The use of nudges drives quick, effective development even before the coaching material is fully consumed. Find out more...