A proven next-gen 360 development tool.
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Compass helps by:

Empower Teams

Empowering Employees

Helping team members communicate their needs to team leaders, anonymously and confidentially.

Improve Collaboration

Nurturing Buy-In

Providing feedback in ways that support enthusiasm instead of defensiveness.

Grow Leaders

Growing Your Leaders

Offering personalized coaching via email, rooted in behavioral science and applied psychology.

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Low Risk / High Reward

Compass delivers measured results in as little as 20 minutes of time per individual AND it is simple for HR and IT to implement.

  • On average, coached leadership behaviors improved by 10%.1
  • 80% of respondents said Compass stimulated their motivation to improve.2
  • Low effort implementation with zero user training required helps to get to these results very quickly.

Our Clients are Saying:

"Our turnover rate has gone down significantly - by 15%. I honestly believe Compass has contributed to that because it gets everyone involved."

"I was looking for a tool that would provide leaders feedback and coaching. I found Compass to be easy to set up and use. It gave each leader valuable feedback in a safe environment. This has allowed us to gain information we would not have obtained otherwise."

"The coaching and reports are effective - short, but meaty! It was well received by our team. On a company-level, we benefited from identifying employee perceptions and responding in practical ways. On a personal level, I wouldn’t have identified my lowest-scoring trait without Compass."

"Compass makes it clear what I need to work on and it helps me get better at being a leader."